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A well-being of an organizational rely vitally on right talents! A recent survey of 780 CEOs1 showed that Talent Shortages are now the number-one topic in the minds of CEOs, ranking higher than operational execution as their top priority. Attract and recruit the right talent at this talent-constrained situation is getting tougher ever!

Despite high unemployment rate in many countries, competing for skilled talent has never stop. Companies using screening tools to weed out unqualified candidates. We engaged more refined pre-hire psychometric assessment tool tailored to job context resulted in hiring quality. We attract more competent candidates, reduce turnover and drive a higher performance rate. Besides looking at the right fit in term of personality matches the job role, we extend the assessment to map the candidate’s value toward your organization cultural fit as well.

OD Tools : Trait-Map®

Trait-Map® is a psychometric assessment product invented by OD-Tools in Shanghai by team of professionals. Trait-Map® has evoked with ongoing R&D and validation studies in terms of norms and reliability since 2002. It has both highly effective and complies with best practice and regulatory guidelines. The questionnaire is built with combination of simple statements + easy rating scales, it is a forced choice ipsative format to ensure it is fun and easy to answer but yet difficult to manipulate.

Trait-Map® is a signature assessment product inspired and developed by Gabor Nagy. Trait-Map® is a modern personality assessment tool based on the Big Five personality model and a proprietary questionnaire technology utilizing combinatorial optimization. The following reports are available:

  • Personality Profile
  • Work Attributes Report
  • Development Suggestions
  • Team Role Report
  • Conflict Style Report
  • Skill Development Reports (Collaboration, Presentation, Negotiation and Sales Skills)
  • Leadership Style
  • Job-Fit Report
  • Interview Guide
  • Group Reports for Team Audit

Key Features:

  • Fast and accurate;
  • Features an innovative forced-choice questionnaire ipsative format, requiring only 15 - 20 minutes for completion;
  • Measures 25 work-related traits like Confidence, Assertiveness, Activity Level, Competitiveness, Dutifulness, and Creativity to name just a few;
  • Offers intuitive training reports on Team Roles and a range of professional skills;
  • Provides 25 traits “high resolution” profile for deeper understanding of individuals such as selection, talent management, and coaching;
  • Developed by a multi-cultural team in a multi-cultural environment; it is strong in

We identify candidates 5x to 10x
more likely to be top performers

Team Role Analysis

Personal Development Analysis & Recommendation

Introduction Video of OD-Tools Trait Map®