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The most widely-accepted psychological personality tool is called Insight Assessment (IN-X). IN-X promote an innovative approach beyond general personality testing and other methods because it measures 80 factors, resulting in reports that target job-focused employee acquisition, engagement, success, and retention. IN-X is supported by 3 key principles in assessment: -

Assessment for both Functional requirements and Competencies
  • For a good job and culture fit

Assessment conducted is based on observable behavioral factors
  • Not only personality, behaviors are related to work outcome

Assessment is customizable to be accurate
  • Built on unique job requirements and the organization's values

  • Provides an Assessment Platform and Framework
  • Customized to the requirements -Recruitment and Talent Management
  • Mapped to both Functional and Competency requirements
  • Customizable to meet and adapt to changing needs
  • Leverage on both Standard and Customized Job and Competency Templates

Sample of Job Mapping Report

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