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TALENT Development

Self-development is only work when the individual themselves reckon the needs to be developed. Hence self-recognition through in-depth profiling is essential for every leader to understand, reaffirming themselves before deciding the next cause of development. We have a range of assessment and consultancy solutions to help address your most important leadership challenges.

Leadership assessment should be in-depth, robust and purposeful. We suggest a client go with combination of ability tests, assessments of motivation and personality, and an in-depth interview with an experienced consultant, to enabling a holistic picture of an individual’s leadership capability and their development needs. 

By summarizing personality factors into 3 easy-to-interpret performance areas, the IN-X Behavioural Cluster Report assesses an employee’s leadership potential thought competencies such as interpersonal, leading others, learning agility, engaging people etc.

This powerful self-knowledge improves relationships and performance. Effective talent development facilitates strong relationships among employees, managers, coaches and teams. IN-X gives employers the comprehensive intelligence and data necessary to establish these relationships, catalyst in accelerated employee development, and increased employee engagement and retention.

Sample of Behavioural Cluster Report

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