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Competency Mapping

What is it?

Competency MappingĀ in IN-X is the process of identifying the specific behaviours tendencies and preferences required in a competency as part of a competency framework. These competencies are incorporated in various processes in an organization to determine behaviours required to accomplish tasks or objectives effectively.


Competency MappingĀ helps you identify existing skill sets as well as skill gaps in your organization, and enable you to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring, developing and promoting your employees.


Competency Mapping in IN-X is done by first conducting an analysis on the competency , or the job description. This data is then mapped to the factors in IN-X, utilising an impact analysis of the factors against the outcome of the specific behaviours in the competency framework.

The 4 Core of Competency Mapping

The 4 Core of Competency Mapping

The Cycle of Competency Mapping

Sample Report : Competency Analysis Data

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